About us
 Packson Mold Co.,Ltd. has a group of high-quality professional technology research and development teams. The company adopts CAD/CAM/CAE integrated workflow, mold design and CNC machining programming, and the simulation analysis of the injection molding process adopts international advanced software. Ensure the accuracy requirements of the mold during the design process.

Mold design
Parkson mold has accumulated years of experience in CAD/CAM design. Working with customers for early mold development (ESI), through the application software, mold design and mold and electrode processing programs. And by the simulation of the mold flow analysis, before the mold production, through various computer analogy analysis software, you can first understand the various situations of injection molding. Ensuring 100% success in mold design and production.
In order to shorten the delivery time of the molds, Packson mold has implemented synchronous engineering to significantly shorten the mold development time. The development of the mold was received from the image file and shortened to an average of 28 working days.

Mold making
Mold production capacity has always been the focus of customer attention and inquiry
In order to manufacture high-precision and high-quality molds and increase production capacity, Packson mold spares no expense in purchasing various advanced CNC machine tools for two or three shifts.

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